ExpressArte, Cumbre Tajin and Glastonbury Festival brought for the very first time The Ritual Ceremony of The Voladores de Papantla to the UK.

The field Kings Meadow – Sacred Space is traditionally the opening ceremony for the Green Fields. Hundreds of people visit this field as a tradition during the opening ceremony but the Voladores de Papantla were the only act performing in that area of the field that year.


At the Opening Ceremony of Glastobury Festival, The Papantla Flyers Ritual was one of the most special moments that I’ve had experiences in the Sacred Space – “it set the perfect tone for a wonderful festival” – said Toby Eliot, Green Fields Site Manager.

The day after, ‘the stick’ was taken to the Theatre & Circus field were ´The Voladores´ and ‘The GuaGuas’  had several presentations during the festival.

Thanks to the advocacy of Cumbre Tajin, Expressarte and the incredible work of Haggis MacLeod, director of Theatre & Circus area, Kerry Veith, producer and Steve Stavrinides co-producer for The Common’s area, we were able to make it happened.

The Mexican Embassy of Mexico in the UK and The International Affair’s Secretary of Mexico also supported the project and made it part of The Mexican Year in the UK.

Mexico Diego Gomez Pickering, Mexican Ambassador to the United Kingdom – Solomon Bazbaz, founder of Cumbre Tajin – Haggis MacLeod, director of Theater & Circus area of Glastonbury Festival (official) – Alejandra Cuesta, director and founder

The press/media in London and Mexico showed its excitement about the news and broadcast about the performance which was incredible high.
To mention a few:

Televisa, Mexico’s most important TV
La Jornada
The guardian

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