Expressarte brought the only Mexican band at Glastonbury Festival 2017: San Juan Project, from Guadalajara, México; Arturo de la Torre and Arturo Lamadrid will introduce a fresh and innovative musical proposal to the festival with their eclectic musical style playing at the rhythm of jazz fusion, electronic, and alternative accents splashed with the urban irreverence of hip-hop.


“We are so happy to be the only Mexican band at Glastonbury this year. In the history of the Festival there were not many Mexican bands. We are thrilled to be part of Glastonbury Festival 2017 is incredible, a dream come true”

– Arturo de la Torre member of the band.


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Our mission is to promote Latin American culture and traditions in the UK through the multiple mediums of the arts. We pride ourselves on representing the best emerging Latin American artists, DJs, and entertainers, conserving Latin American traditions, while also creating new creative fusions within the UK and Europe.


London’s leading Latin American entertainment and arts promoter, ExpressArte works to showcase the vibrancy and diversity of Latin American contemporary culture and traditions. We offer first-class representation and consultancy to the best emerging Latin American artists, organise Latin American events in the UK and help our British clients to add a little touch of Latin America to their events.w